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IPcute is a free software, which makes easier the learning of algorithmics and programmation.It can be used by a student himself or by a working group of students (collective use).

The student can see continuously all the data of his program (variables, execution stack, evaluation stack, heap). He can select his execution mode : quick or step by step (3 levels including the observation of step-by-step evaluation of an expression).

Moreover, the student can use a text screen and a graphic screen to visualize his results.

The student can select his language (Pascal and soon C), his vocabulary (choice of the reserved words in the native language), and he can adapt his working environment as he pleases.

The student can interpret or compile his program. The compiler gives an executable code for a virtual machine. An instance of this virtual machine is present in IPcute. Hence, the student can execute compiled programs quickly or step by step, while observing the correspondance between the executed code and the source line.

The student can see the curves of complexity of his algorithms for a same set of data,in order to compare them better.

In the future, scenarios, built in Pascal or C by a script writer, will be executed by the user, in an interactive way, to present a lesson, to propose and verify exercises. The script writer already has many available options to direct the work of the student

T'he author has been working on IPcute since 1995, and he can't see the end.